Q: Who is MSB Games ?
A: Development stage company MSB Games Corp develops and publishes branded strategy games & puzzles optimized for mobile devices & tablets and distributed worldwide via Mobile Carriers, OEMs and Portals.

Q: Where are you located ?
A: MSB Games Corp is a Wyoming C Corporation with registered office in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We are a distributed team with members located in Los Angeles, India, Indonesia and Japan. additional info at http://msbgames.com

Q: What is the Company Background ?
A: Formed in 2013 and incorporated in January 2014, MSB Games has released 6 initial titles; branded versions of Tic-Tac BEACH, Tic-Tac BIKINI, Tic-Tac TOONS & more available now for tablets on Amazon & Google Play with 4 more titles in development, including our flagship economic strategy game MeterSteiner BeerGAME (think “sim city meets craft beer”). The Company is Private and there are 5 total shareholders. Team & Advisor bios found here https://msbg.co/about/

Q: MeterSteiner Beer Game ?
A: The original “Beer Game” was created at MIT in the early 1960s to demonstrate key principles in distribution side dynamics of multi-tier supply chains.  Inspired in part by the original analog game, in the late 1990s, over 500,000 computer game players worldwide enjoyed an economic simulation strategy game called “MeterSteiner Beer Manager” – The legacy DOS game North America release was managed by current MSB Games CEO Greg Wible. A new updated version of the legacy DOS game is in development is slated for release on mobile & tablet platforms in early 2018. More info here https://metersteiner.wordpress.com/the-game/

Q: What is Regulation S ?
A: US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulation S allows US-based companies to sell securities to non-US persons, providing compliance guidelines are met

Q: Why bother with Reg S & SEC rules — this is the Bitcoin world ?!?
A: We are development-stage indie company registered in US and making every effort to comply with SEC as a Category 3 Private Company (Non-Reporting). We are enabling international bitcoin investors to participate in our company growth while complying with SEC guidelines.


Q: How much are you looking to raise ?
A: This is Series A offering with target to raise USD $500,000 for 5,000,000 common shares, approx 33% of the company equity. The offering is detailed in the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) viewable online.

Q: How will you use the funds raised?
A:  We plan to grow thru game portfolio acquisitions and release of our flagship title series. Use of Proceeds from Series A includes: Acquisitions 36%, Salaries 25%, Launch Marketing 12.5%, Programming 7.5%, Travel 2.5%, Working Capital 6.5%, Advisory Reserve 10%. The offering is detailed in the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) viewable online.

Q: What are the Acquisitions ?
A: Our team has researched a select number of related game portfolios producing steady Ad / IAP revenues that are available on favorable terms for acquisition that we can tailor for release to our mobile carrier channels.

Q: Will you be operating your business on Bitcoin ?
A: No, our financial plan is to operate on USD. All BtC investments will be converted to USD at the Coinbase exchange rate on the transaction date. Our Game Development timeline includes integrating BtC micro-payments by late 2018.

Q: Will You Pay A Dividend ?
A: Based on available funds, our model is structured to pay an annual dividend from year three.

Q: What are your plans for the Company ?
A: Our Business Plan is to create a growing portfolio of strategy games and puzzles and position to be acquired within 3-5 years, providing an exit timeline for our investors. Our model with projections produces a DCF value of USD$10MM+

Q: What are the Steps ?
A: For Non-US Investors:
1) Complete Confidential Investor Info Form Online Click Here First
2) Review Global Investors Series A PPM Offering Online Click Here Second
3) Read the FAQ here / Email Questions to Management “ceo@msbg.co”
4) Review & eSign Share Exchange Agreement – we will email direct
5) Arrange To Send USD or BtC to MSB Games
6) Receive back MSBG shares representing ownership.


This information page is not an offer to sell securities.

The Offer is detailed in the PPM Online viewable by Non-US Persons.

Updated July 7, 2017